Get a GPS or Get lost

getting lostI work in transportation, I have for 25 years.  I deal with drivers, older men that should know better but still don’t so they still need direction.    It’s like babysitting only worse – because you can’t put these guys in a time out.

Sometimes I get really frustrated with people, I know ,I am the only one right?   Today is no different, I am frustrated with a lot of things in my life right now, so I do what everyone else does.  I channel that frustration on something that has nothing to do with me yet still seems to piss me off.

Example this morning:

A driver calls in to bitch about directions one of our dispatchers gave him because he followed them and he is now lost, another dispatcher has spent the last 30 minutes on Google trying to ” guide” such driver in to his final location.    Every now and again I hear him say ” I don’t know about the directions she gave you, she is not here right now.”

Maybe I need a Xanax right now, maybe I should shut my mouth and not say anything, but then I would not be me.     So I stand up and say- ” Seriously tell the guy to get a GPS already, it’s 2015 and he is a truck driver for Gods sake, this is not the 1980’s and even if it was , tell him to break out his map, tell him to make a phone call to the consignee.

The dispatcher says nothing and spends another HOUR on this , he invites another person in to the issue and now there are TWO people spending their time trying to find this one “poor driver” directions.   The dispatchers are calling the consignee, not the driver, the dispatchers: who will now spend another 20 minutes talking to someone and then have to call the driver back and spend another 20 minutes relaying the information back to him.

FOR REAL?  Are we all so freaking co-dependent and dependent that we can’t think for ourselves anymore, we have to passively ask for help instead of seeking out the tools available to us now and helping ourselves.

Maybe my anger is about people not growing or using the tools that are right at their fingertips to help themselves,  maybe it’s about the willingness to stay lost until they can depend on someone else to find their way out and get to where they need to be.

Then I look around my office, at the fact that we still do everything on paper; I don’t even know why we have computers because we use them only as word processors, everything else we do just like I did when I first got in to this business in the 80’s, on paper.    Apparently the people I work for have never heard of the phrase ” save a tree” :  When I asked about it after I first started here I was told they would NEVER go with computers because ” You know so and so went to all computers and their entire system went down and they didn’t know where anyone was for two days.”

Ummmm, OKAY:  How do you even reply to a statement like that?  How does someone get so stuck?

1.What if Muhammad Ali decided after the first fight he lost he was just no longer going to box: We would never have the quote ” float like a butterfly , sting like a bee”.

2. What if Steven Jobs never went back to Apple: this world would never know the Ipod or the Ipad.

3.   What if Aerosmith the hard rock 70’s band hadn’t given permission to and then decided to collaborate with Run DMC , the then Rap group for the remake and re-release of Walk this way in the 80’s that rejuvenated and jump started Aeromsmith’s career again: Then the world would have never heard Steven Tyler sing ” I don’t want to miss a thing”.

I could go on and on, but I don’t want to sound like an old broken 80’s record. ( insert wink)

What I am trying to say, maybe to the drivers, maybe to the dispatchers, hell maybe to myself is this:

If your lost relying on other people to direct you and help you find your destination it’s going to take you a lot longer to get where you need to be.   Use the tools you have available to you , try something new , don’t get so set in your ways , you might be holding back the next great saying, invention, song.      Life isn’t about never changing and getting so set in our ways that we still work under flourescent lighting ( which I still do).    Rent is much cheaper in this building but the black mold and asbestos will kill you.

Life isn’t about doing the same damn thing over and over again and expecting the outcome to change.   It’s about taking a chance on something new, learning from the old ways, using the tools we have available to us now.

Unless you like being lost, spinning your wheels,blaming everyone else for getting you lost and  waiting on everyone else to help you find your way.


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